Welcome to Suburban Chicken

We are a small suburban home in Lemon Grove, California who just happen to produce Farm Fresh, Pasture Raised, Vegetarian Fed, Organic, Free Range eggs from happy and healthy chickens.

The stars of the show are Eloise, Liesle, Oprah, Hermione, Hazel, Winnefred, Mabel, Vulture, Harpy, Buzzard, Squeezle, Ethel , Lucy and Marjorie.
Our eggs are hand-gathered twice a day. Our girls are of various breeds: Black Copper Marans, Cuckoo Marans, Wheaten Marans, Golden Marans, Dominique, Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, Araucanas, Barred Plymouth Rock and Delaware. Most of these are heritage breeds listed on the American Conservancy List.

First and foremost our hens are pets and are treated as such. So it was important to choose breeds that had a tendency towards being docile, social and friendly. They are well socialized and very tame. They love human attention and are easily handled. Each girl has her own distinct personality.

The girls are naturally happy & healthy (never medicated) as they are able to peck, scratch, roam, fly and have a variety to eat. They graze our yard from dawn till dusk eating grass, herbs, weeds as well as having free access to their vegetarian layer crumble and fresh water. They love the extras out of the garden with tomatoes, Swiss chard, lettuce, oranges, mangos, nectarines, apricots, strawberries among their favorites. They roost in low bushes, roll in dirt giving themselves dust baths, nap, sun bathe and generally hang out happy and contented.

Thank you for visiting our website and for supporting sustainable agriculture.